Transformed: A Spiritual Journey

Written by the creator of Topical Bible Studies

Lance’s dream had finally come true. He was in a rock band that took music seriously.

But he never expected that meeting a toe-sock-wearing Texan would change the course of his life for eternity. Are you ready to look honestly at what you know about life? Go on an exciting, personal journey with Lance Mosher, during which he questions everything he thought he knew about Christianity, faith, and salvation—the very essence of who he thought he was. Transformed will resonate with anyone looking for meaning in a world of chaos. How will you be challenged as you enjoy a journey to the center of a soul?

Clouded by Emotion: Studies on the Holy Spirit and Miracles

If you’re a Christian, you probably have questions about the Holy Spirit.

Where do you go for answers? Church leaders? The internet? Feelings? Experiences? Those sources will likely give you different, confusing answers with eternal consequences.

In Clouded by Emotion, you’ll discover the Bible’s answers to your questions about the identity of the Holy Spirit, baptism with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and miraculous gifts today.

Written by the creator of Topical Bible Studies

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