Do your MEMES grieve the Holy Spirit?

I’ve been witnessing a disturbing trend among Christians on social media. Every time it happens, it compromises the soul of both the lost and the Christian. When you do this, you grieve the Holy Spirit. 

Why did John baptize?

If baptism is to unite someone with the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, how is it that John could baptize people before Jesus had even died? A further puzzling question arises when we see that John “appeared in the wilderness preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins” (Mark 1:4). Jesus’ death…

Jehovah’s Witness Bible says Jesus IS GOD!

I’ve been reading the Jehovah’s Witness Bible, and it has told me that Jesus is Jehovah God. To someone who grew up reading the Bible, that may not be surprising, but if you are a Jehovah’s Witness, what I just said is scandalous.

How do I become a pastor? The answer may SHOCK you!

Who is a pastor? Journey through the Bible to learn about these biblical words: preacher, evangelist, pastor, shepherd, elder, presbyter, bishop, overseer. Find out why pastors and preachers are not automatically the same thing. And learn what the qualifications of pastors are from the Bible.

God is JEALOUS. What does that mean?

If jealousy is bad, how can a good God be jealous? And what does He have to be jealous of? What does the Bible mean when it says God is a jealous God?

The beast is NOT the ANTICHRIST (here’s PROOF)

Learn for yourself: The Beast of Revelation (666) is NOT the Antichrist. Many people who know sensationalism in religion can make millions are turning to Revelation to identify the Antichrist, but that’s not the proper place to look. A few minutes of your time with this study can correct some serious Bible study blunders.

THIS changes EVERYTHING I thought I knew about the ANTICHRIST!

What can we KNOW about the antichrist? The Bible exposes the antichrist in two books, three passages, and five verses. What four points can we learn from these passages, and what advice do they give us that is contrary to almost everything said about this subject today?

The Bible says: “Be MISERABLE!”

I’ve heard it my whole life: “Everyone deserves to be happy.” And “God wants you to be happy.” But the Bible says you’ve got no right to be happy! Let’s explore what that means.

This Bible study habit is an ABUSE of Scripture!

Have you ever opened the Bible at random, asking God for your message of the day, pointed and read? Me too. But that was when I treated Christianity and the Bible more as lazy sorcery than a life of devotion to the God of the universe.

The devil is NOT the antihero the world wants.

Let’s explore the various misconceptions that exist about who Satan is. From popular TV shows portraying him as a nightclub owner to famous singers dressing up as Satan, we are bombarded with different interpretations of this figure.

Does communion forgive my sins?

I feel refreshed and forgiven all over again after communion. Do I get to start each week with a clean slate because I ate of the bread and drank of the cup? We will explore the Bible’s answer from two perspectives in this study.

Who can take the Lord’s Supper?

Can anyone share in the Lord’s Supper? And should I take communion when I don’t feel worthy? What does the Bible have to say? And what did Aslan say about it?

How often should I eat the Lord’s Supper?

Weekly, quarterly, or yearly? There’s no consensus among churches. Even asking artificial intelligence to scour online resources cannot give a clear answer. So, are we left to decide for ourselves how often to take communion?


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